We all know change don’t change unless you change it.
Well I’m in constant pursuit of bettering myself. So often I hear people  express their opinions of change. Some despise it others will try to hold you to your past self, some may even break ties with you because you changed. I must admit it takes adjustments. And although I am not one that use it as manipulation to hold others in a place that’s comfortable for me. I can see where I’ve had a challenge in it. Being transparent, my once dependent can’t get enough of my mommy children. To now, dag do you remember your mommy who sacrificed and did her best to raise you as a single mom young adults. Lol. Even in the moment God is showing me this. Well, although I took time to instill in the traits to raise them as kings and now they’re on they’re on making their way so they can fulfill those roles. The CHANGE in their need for my involvement has me feeling weird, left out and pushed aside. Which at times grows into discontentment which leads to the most hurtful of feeling under appreciated. Yes all this stemmed from Change! So wisdom says what do I need to do to EMBRACE who they are now and not try to hold them to who they were. Also not using my role and sacrifices as manipulation to get them to see my point. See, of course I never set out to do that but my husband, the leader of our home graciously  showed me how it technically is. So because  I’m a good mother, lol, I would never want to do anything to hold them back nor smother the life and potential out of who I’ve spent my whole life grooming them to BE! So now, thank you Holy Spirit, for even in this moment you’re teaching me.
Going back to find wisdom. Oh where oh where can she Be….
So we are visual people. So I see process in visualizations. We puff ourselves up to say oh I don’t like change oh I’m staying true to who I am or this is just me. I’m loyal to me. HA! I beg to differ and I’m calling YOU out!!!
You do like change and we all know it. Do you only eat soul food everyday? How about Chinese? So let me ask you, Did you grow up a pescatarian? HA. So I’m right you do like change! Just like some seasons I’m really into Italian food another season I can’t stand it. I love soul food but right now it’s been too heavy for me. Some seasons I’m on a health kick but then I can’t stand to see some lettuce, lol. (Listen I know I’m not at my goal weight yet lol) But basically my choices CHANGE by my mood. But even in all my uncertainty, SEAFOOD is my universal love language and it transcends All of my seasons!!!!
My point, even in the midst of moods and changes there should always be an commonality. There will and should always be a core in the midst that will be your foundation. So whether your change is external, you’re still you. If it’s changing friendships, your heart should still be kept good. If it’s a new career, location or a new beginning. YOU ARE STILL YOU in the midst of whatever it is. Even those who do a complete body makeover and change everything about them. There is still the core of their soul. For me, my core is JESUS. In all my evolution. That’s the change we should be seeking. In all my evolution, the change I am seeking is all about building my soul, my core. Don’t be so busy changing elements, circumstances and temporary fixations that they have NOTHING to do with your content of whom you REALLY are. You are at the core of your existence, your soul. While all your life’s counterparts are changing the one thing that it all should be directing us to is JESUS. Is He your core? Is He the center of EVERYTHING you do? All your wheels should be turning and changing so that they can take you closer and deeper with HIM!
JESUS is my seafood…
you shouldn’t have to guess that!
When you’ve worked on yourself and submitted to the evolution of “your” life (not others ideas for you) In all your changes others still should be able to connect YOU to who you say you are NOW.
When we allow CHANGE to enhance us then we will truly begin living the evolution we seek!
Remember, everything you do now is apart of your story. I AM BECOMING__________???(your actions need to match your confession) fill in your blank!
-Sherritta Matthews Davis