WELCOME to Nsight

My personal Lifestyle Blog. 

Here you will get Nsight about a variety of topics. This will be where I share on all things Bnspired.
Ministry, Industry and Life…

Writing has been an important part of my life all of my life. Just like hair, I just always had a love for writing. So as I sought God on my life’s Purpose He began to connect all the dots! I LIVE to share. So I pray as you join me, you too will Bnspired!   

 xoxo Sherritta

The Audience of 1

When you look back over your life you should be able to connect the dots. Each phase of your life is like a piece of your puzzle, your journey. Even the parts that are unpleasant, tragic or dumb ALL make up YOU and your personal journey. One who reflects, then takes...

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Seek and Find

Couldn't figure out really how I got stuck and how to get unstuck. Of course I know biblical principles. We know it says faith without works is dead. Well just like that revelation became clear. Surely, I was blocking my own clarity. It  was 4 am one morning I had...

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Change…For Better or Worse???

We all know change don't change unless you change it. Well I'm in constant pursuit of bettering myself. So often I hear people  express their opinions of change. Some despise it others will try to hold you to your past self, some may even break ties with you because...

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