When you look back over your life you should be able to connect the dots. Each phase of your life is like a piece of your puzzle, your journey. Even the parts that are unpleasant, tragic or dumb ALL make up YOU and your personal journey. One who reflects, then takes out key pieces and puts them together is one whom is interested in evolution. Hence, at this age my puzzle makes sense. It embodies who I started as, to who I’ve been developing into, to who I am now. Now my path makes sense and even though I dont know the end, my God does. And He works all things TOGETHER for my GOOD!

So grateful for my parentals. From 3yrs old they tell stories of how my personality was strong and I had already developed my passion for hair and fashion. I THANK God for them allowing me to develop my strong mindset and for nurturing my gifts. I’ve always been consistent in being and doing what I want, lol. I’ve always had my own mind and lead very early. I have a feeling that I’ve always loved to write and to teach since birth. With guidance and freedom it showed up in my toddler days and it’s been developed daily since. I THANK God for my journey in hindsight and foresight. Whether it felt good then I know now it was just pieces of my puzzle. In this very moment I can honestly say I’m glad for my strong personality gifts because in a world where others just want to be normal. I’m BOLD enough to BE me and STRONG enough to stand alone in the pursuit of righteousness.

Swimming upstream takes determination, perseverance, wise counsel and free from man pleasing. I see the light ahead of me and that is my ONLY focal point. 2016 God gave me personally the word of #GROWFORTH. He knew my stagnation came from being focused more on the group instead of the audience of 1. Although I had success, I “was” behind in what God had birthed in me. Like Peter, I spent too much time being distracted looking all around. Always  trying take ppl with me. So from the start of 2016, God removed ALL distractions. Even the ones I didn’t know were distractions. Anything that stagnated my ministry and took attention from my PURPOSE He removed. I fought and tried to hold on and the more I did the more painful the separation was; because now He had to rip them from my grip instead of things gradually falling away.

What I’ve learned in this season of life is that in order to morph into who we’re really meant to be is that we must first take an assessment of our life. A lot of times one doesn’t go deep enough into focus because of fear. Fear of what they may remember from the past, fear from doing the work it takes to push forward. Fear from outgrowing people you love or even the mere thought about the unknown. Whatever “your” reason is, just remember to get a clear perception you will need a clear head. The day to day of life can be our biggest weight and hindrance. Since the world isn’t stopping then YOU must choose to! Tune out out the noise. Find your quiet place and get into your zone. Set your heart,mind and body to FOCUS by any means necessary!

After all in the end our main focus should be on our Audience of 1…. YOU & GOD

-Sherritta Matthews Davis